Track incoming and spent resources over time. 



  • Ages: Set the desired ages using either the buttons or the drop down menu. In addition to the playable ages, there is the category "No Age", which includes resources such as coins, medals and diamonds, and the category "Special", which shows special goods from the arctic future on.
  • Categories: The collected data. These are your own resources, the changes in the guild treasury, your armies, rewards and a GBG statistic.
  • Display: Switch between three different display types and turn GvG Annotations on or off.
  • Main area:
    • Zoom: Drag the mouse to zoom into specific areas.
    • Menu: At the top right you will find a menu to download or view the data.
  • Legend: By clicking on the individual items in the legend you can show or hide them.


When the rewards are selected, a sub-menu opens that further categorizes them and allows them to be filtered by date.


Something's missing!

The statistics are collected and stored locally on your device. This means that no data is collected while you are playing on a mobile device or another computer (without a FoE helper) or while you are not running Forge of Empires.

My statistics are gone?!

Once you delete cookies and other website data, your stats will disappear, because they are stored in your browser.