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Looking for tools and apps that can help you play FoE? But Forge of Empires cheats are not your thing? Then you are exactly right here. The FoE calculator works with the data shown by Innogames unencrypted. These are prepared by our tools and made available to you in order to use one or the other advantage in the well-known online strategy game Forge of Empires.

For example, simply use the calculator to calculate how many forge points you need to deposit to make sure your guildmates or friends who are in the field are safe and can not be outbid. So you all win.

When you sign up and install the Extension, you can see who from your friends list regularly mops and who does not. So you can easily clean up your friends list in FoE.
Also, use the opportunity after the attack to see which sabotage is most successful. Produces the inferior only tool or is it still one or the other FP in it? This and much more is offered by the FoE calculator and the Forge of Empires extension for the Chrome browser. You can simply download these here and be pleased about successful attacks, the leveling of great buildings on Forge of Empires without Sniper and much more. Just have a look at the app's info page, where you'll find more information.