GB Calculator


With this tool leveling your own Great Buildings is a breeze! No more overpaying, just put in the shown amount and you're done.

There is also a built-in copy functionality, so you don't even have to type anymore.


  1. Current GB level.
  2. Switch between percentages.
  3. Parts needed from external sources and your own Forge Points to spend.
  4. How much needs to be paid by you (green) and others (yellow).
  5. How many medals and blue prints will be given depending on The Arc percentages.
  6. Forge Points from external sources.
  7. Arc percentage of the Place.


Here is how you can copy for swap messages:

  1. This arrow opens the copy function.
  2. Player and building is filled out automatically, but you can also change these values. When copying, the values will be saved for later use.
  3. Options for the places that should be copied. "Auto" is the best option, as it does everything for you.
  4. "Copy values" puts the values in you clipboard. "Note" adds multiple values for different GB to your clipboard.