Sign up

In order to use some functionalities like the city planning tool, you need an account on this website.

Here is how you sign up:

Find your player ID

We need your player ID (a unique number), you can find it like so with our extension:

  1. Go to the settings: 
  2. Mark and copy your player ID:

Choosing the correct server

Playing on US? Choose it!
Playing on international? Choose enXX. 

Of course, any other server is also in the drop down.


Login credentials

Now fill in your email address and a password. Please note that they do not have to match your ingame credentials. In fact, the password should not be the same one for general internet security reasons!

Choosing your game world

Now that you signed up you will be prompted to the matching game worlds.

Choose one if you have many and save:



You're done!

From now on you can use your username or email address with the password you just set to login.