City Planner

There are many tools out there for creating more efficient or beautiful versions of your city. This is one of them!

Our city planning tool is here to help you plan bigger changes and find unused space more easily. With an account on our website and the extension installed, you can import your city and start adjusting it in the blink of an eye!

Please note: This tool is brand new and may have some issues we did not find yet. You can help us make it better by reporting bugs on Github

Retrieving city data

You can load your city to, so you don't have to start from scratch. Here is how:

  1. Go to the City Overview menu and open it: 

  2. In the top right corner you'll find a button "Show submit box", click it:

  3. Start uploading your city data to our servers by hitting "Submit".

  4. The successful data transmission will show up within a few seconds.

  5. Now go to, login with your credentials (you need to make an account if you don't have one yet!). Click this link:


If you already saved drafts of a new city, you will see them here in the overview.


If you want to start planning your own city, click on "New city > with my city data" on the top right corner.

By clicking on the blue "Share" button of one of your city templates, a special link is generated. After the automatic page reload, you can now send this URL to a friend using the "Copy link" function.

Your friend should be logged in to before opening the link and you should log out yourself or at least not try to edit the city at the same time. This does not work and does not make sense.

Hint: You should always send your city data before you start a new city, so all current buildings are transmitted.


Here is an overview of the functionality:

Button Erläuterung

This button is visible once the first version of a city has been saved. If you open a previosly saved city map, you'll see it immediately.

You can save as a new city here. 

Store all your buildings on the grid on the left side to start with a blank space. You can save your progress, so there is no need to do everything at once.

Hint: This functionality might take a few seconds, as your browser has to work through all buildings.

Download your current plan as PDF. This functionality might take a few seconds.

This generates your current plan as a PNG file and downloads it.


Go back to the overview of all saved cities.


Once you drag and drop any item in your city to the left side, it will be grouped by type (decoration, roads, etc.). This way all buildings will be organized and more easily to find again.


On the right-hand side, any number of extensions can be added via the "new extension" button. Below this is a search field to load any building of any era into the city.