Negotiation Helper


Having trouble negotiating? Activate this helper and it will always find the most cost efficient and most successful way of negotiating for you!



  1. Current chance of winning. This value changes every round.
  2. Current round.
  3. The needed goods with an average amout of goods you will need to spend. Hovering over each good you can see how much you have in stock.
  4. The recommended goods to use with the matching keyboard shortcuts for faster negotitating.

There are also two options: "Save current goods" uses last eras goods more than the current one. "Save medals" just does what it says by using medals only when necessary.



If you do not want to use this feature, you can disable it in the extension settings .



As the possible outcome of a negotiation cannot be calculated in real time, because it would take forever, here is how it was done:

The first guess is hardcoded (use 5 different goods). From then on all combinations are precalculated in a simulation (takes up to 13 hours depending on the number of goods even with a 9900K and 16 threads). The results are stored in a table. The extension just looks up the best guess depending on which combination of red/green/yellow have been received.


Q: Why is the negotiation helper not available in GBG?
A: It was in there initially, but we removed it, because it could harm the balancing of GBG as negotiating is faster with this tool.

Q: I don't want to use it. Can I turn it off?
A: Of course you can. Just go to the settings and deactivate it.