GB Investments


Compare the ROI of Great Buildings producing Forge Points!



The functions are as follows

  • Friendly invest: Set your usual Arc percentage.
  • Below that you can hide buildings you have not built.
  • Level: The proposed level increase.
  • Costs: Your FP own contribution, taking into account the value specified in "Promote with" and the levels to be levelled.
  • Daily FP: Here you can enter either the exact values or average values (Carrier, Himeji Castle). The averages are applicable when using all attempts per day.
  • Cost / daily FP: The two values before are divided up.
  • FP costs for goods: Here you can enter the FP costs for any goods you need to buy so that they are included in the calculation.
  • The suggested, cheapest level up is shown in the first row. There are also alternative proposals (Suggestion 2).

In this example the space carrier (Weltraumfrachter) not yet built is suggested as the cheapest building (from 0 to level 5). The second suggestion is to level it to 58.