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The AddOn for Forge of Empires

Are you looking for something that makes playing easier for you, but don't want to cheat? Then you are exactly right here.

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Microsoft Edge Extension discontinued

Due to very strict regulations, we can no longer offer the FoE-Helper in the Edge Store. The zip files of the negotiation assistant are no longer permitted...

by mainline, 07.06.2024

HowTo of CityPlanner

A short video showing how the city planner can be used with the FoE Helper.
Thanks to FoElite

by mainline, 12.11.2021

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Extensions for the city planner

Long awaited and now finally here. From now on, the city planner also works with additional extensions!

by mainline, 02.08.2021

Elements disappear from the website...

In the last few months we put a lot of effort into making as many features directly available in the extension and taking the opportunity to add some more functionality.
. These were the "Moppelassistent" and the LB investments. All data is now stored locally on your own device and no longer transferred to our server.
Since version we now also offer the guild member module directly in the extension, which is why we have removed the corresponding modules from our website.

. The following functions are currently not yet included in the extension and will be added with one of the next updates:

  • Guild Expedition placements (member participation is already included)
  • LB overview: which player has which LB at what level

The following features remain "online features", which are available via the FoE Helper Website
for technical reasons.
  • The City Planner
  • The Notes Feature. This can be accessed directly from the extension, but the notes entered are stored on our server so that they can be accessed on all devices used or are retained when changing devices
  • .

Your FoE Helper Team

by mainline, 10.06.2021

Chrome Extension is online again

After almost 3 weeks Google has released our Chrome Extension today. This means for all who have installed the extension via Github, deactivate this version and activate the "normal" version again to get updates on time. We have today directly given out a new.

Here again the link to the extension in the Chrome Store: FoE Helper

by mainline, 24.03.2021

New website version

foe-rechner.de is now foe-helper.com. Why and what is new?

by mainline, 23.03.2021

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The motivation/polishing area is closed

Meanwhile the community of the FoE helper has grown so much that we can no longer manage the sheer amount of data.

by mainline, 20.11.2020

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Update brings the solution...

... for a mistake that has been bothering me for a long time. With this update the motivating/polishing should finally work correctly.

by mainline, 25.10.2020

Update released

With the update some smaller bug fixes are fixed, updates are applied and the guild chat comes back with three "rooms". Since the chat server is completely financed by advertising, it would be great if you could surf this site without add-blockers. So the extension and all additional services can remain free.

by mainline, 04.09.2020

Translating the extension

Under the URL i18n.foe-helper.com you can register for free and help to translate the extension.

by mainline, 10.07.2020

Changes to the FoE Helper

After a recent evaluation of the FoE Helper by InnoGames, we were asked to change the way some features work with the game. Due to the big popularity of our expansion (over 80,000 installations) we are aware of our responsibility for the community and will of course meet...

by mainline, 19.06.2020

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FoE helpers legal? Here's the answer!

When asked whether the FoE helper is legal or a new tool name "FoE Powertools" is clarified here.

by mainline, 07.06.2020

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