Changes to the FoE Helper

After a recent evaluation of the FoE Helper by InnoGames, we were asked to change the way some features work with the game. Due to the big popularity of our expansion (over 80,000 installations) we are aware of our responsibility for the community and will of course meet these requests to ensure a positive gaming experience for all players. The following changes will be implemented:

1. GB Cost Calculator

Everybody likes to win, but nobody likes to lose. We will remove Sniping and the “Potential Investment” window. You will still be able to tell if an investment is safe by the color.

2. Incidents

This function will be limited to showing all current incidents in the city, but no future ones.

3. Negotiations

The Negotiation Assistant not only makes it possible to negotiate better, but also quicker. Since this affects the balancing of guild battlegrounds, the feature will not be available there. In other places (Expedition, Quests, Feudal Japan) it will stay activated.

4. Event Quests

The data for the quests is gathered on the beta server, but may differ on the live server. Since such differences can be frustrating and generate additional work for InnoGames, we limit ourselves to making the event quests available on our website.

5. PvP Activities

This function has unfortunately turned out to be overpowered, so we have to remove it without replacement.

6. Neighbors Productions

This function will also be completely removed. Also the preview for attack and defense bonus.

We ask all users of our extension to install the upcoming updates. By doing so, you will help us to continue developing the FoE Helper and reduce the chance of it being banned.

We are in contact with InnoGames in the development of further features, so hopefully all players will continue to enjoy this extension for a long time to come!