Which Great Building would be the "cheapest" to level up to the next level?
You can quickly calculate this here. The green marked GB is the next one with the smallest own contribution.

If you are logged in, your current levels, if any, will be entered automatically.

Investment Calculator v1.2
Arc BonusCathedral of AachenCastel del MonteTerracotta ArmySaint Basil's CathedralDeal CastleStatue of Zeus
Actual level
Att./Def. actual%%%%%%= 0
Att./Def. Next level%%%%%%
Next level
Gesamt LG-Att./Def.

You have just received a large amount of forge points and want to level up another great building as quickly as possible in Forge of Empires, the online strategy game?
Before you click into each of your great buildings, use the tool and ask what is worthwhile with just a few details. Our FoE calculator is not a Forge of Empires cheat, but a legal way to optimise your game in Forge of Empires.